How To Snake Clean Clogged Dryer Vents

A clogged dryer prevents clothes from drying effectively. The only way of unclogging the dryer is by cleaning it. In some cases, the vents go up through walls and they can’t be effectively cleaned using the common ways. Here snake cleaning is required.

How to snake clean a clogged dryer vent

To snake clean the vent you need to unplug the dryer from the electrical circuit outlet and remove the dryer from the rear wall so that you can easily access the exhaust port. You should then loosen the screw from the clamp using a screwdriver. Once you have loosened the screws you should pull the ductwork away from the dryerĀ Dryer vent cleaning.

You should then disconnect the duct from the exterior vent and push the dryer brush through the pipe of the exterior dryer vent and rotate the brush. To remove lint that you might not have removed from the other end, you should pull the brush out.

After doing this you should insert the end of an electrician’s fish tape into the lowest end of the dryer duct. You should continue pushing the tape through the duct until it gets out on the opposite end. For you to know when the tape gets to the other end it’s wise that you have someone on the opposite end.

You should then attach the handle of the dryer lint brush to the electrician’s tape and slowly pull the tape through the ductwork. You should continue cranking the tape’s handle until you feel some resistance.

The resistance comes from the bending of the tape around a turn in the duct or as a result of buildup of lint. After feeling some resistance you should then grab the tape and push it up and down in order to unjam the dryer brush. To avoid damage you should do it slowly.

Once you have moved past the resistance you should start cranking again. You should continue reeling in the tape until the brush gets out on your end. When you get the brush you should unhook the brush from the tape and insert the brush into the dryer exhaust port.

After removing all the lint you should reconnect the ends of the ductwork to the dryer vent. You should also reconnect the exhaust port to the rear of the dryer. To secure the ductwork you should tighten the clamp screws. Once the screws are secure you should push the dryer back towards the wall and plug in the power cord.

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