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After Mallorca, Ibiza gets the next largest level of holiday traffic from the Balearics, and has been welcoming tourists to the shores because the time when inexpensive charter flights became widely available in the 1960’s. A period of sustained growth then followed whilst the island developed its own offering for tourists, with new infrastructure and hotels being created, and by 2009 almost 2 million individuals every year were coming into the island to love a holiday.

Ibiza is just one of the places, such as Mallorca and the Canary Islands, at which British people make up the biggest number of tourists, having almost 40 per cent of those traveling to Ibiza originating from Britain. Much like the places earlier mentioned, German people are the second largest group with native Spaniards creating just over 10 per cent. So exactly why is Ibiza really popular with us Brits, as the Spanish prefer to go everywhere?ibiza boat party

That’s not to say that Ibiza can not measure up to the mark in these branches, but appearing at British travel exemptions these characteristics don’t seem to be awarded as high a priority because the weather on the island and the 300+ shores it provides. Much like Mallorca however, Ibiza also offers other charms and you can find several other smaller groups of people who come to the island for very different reasons.

Brits seeking a vacation home have typically looked over the Canaries, Southern Spain or simply Mallorca, but people in the know could have checked Ibiza too. There are fashionable and modern villas all over the island and for people who enjoy sailing, many harbours and purposebuilt marinas are all home to a variety of motor cruisers and yachts. Of course hardly any men and women buy a holiday home in locations which do not offer holiday weather and Ibiza’s mild, dry climate, so which normally provides longs days of sunshine for the majority of the calendar year, is an integral element. Transport links can also be quite important with second-home owners appreciating the ease of frequent low cost flights to the island from around mainland Europe.

In terms of being a player in the competitive package-tour business, Ibiza features an extremely well toned offering. The airport, which has become the topic of various modernisation projects on the past 50 years, now boasts modern runways and terminal properties and manages business approaching around 5 million passengers every year. The airport is located in the southern region of the islandjust a couple miles out Ibiza town, yet this location isn’t troublesome for tourist transfers while the island is only 25 miles intact, so the trip between hotel and airport is always a quick one. The airport is also convenient for individuals wishing to make the short onward travel to the neighbouring island of Formentera, which is well known for its high quality beaches and quieter setting. Perhaps for these reasons, Formentera is significantly more favoured by Spanish holiday makers, a lot of whom traveling directly by boat from mainland Spain.

Ibiza’s standing as a spot for clubbers has evolved over the past decade since more sophisticated night clubs were made to appeal for the massive party scene which was expanding year on year. Major night-club brands from all over Europe spent either in clubs themselves in deploying particular events and also the segment just grew and grew until both Ibiza Town and the nearby town of San Antonio could boast a few of rather successful places. The stream of visitors between the two towns, that lie on opposite surfaces of the island, even led to the evolution of the huge Privilege night-club which lies midway across the linking road between these. Assessing the development with this particularly section of the tourism sector on Ibiza has been a headache for its local government, that has received to balance the business advantage of the clubs with the disturbance and impact upon the neighborhood. Yet difficult that might have been, the municipal authorities have consistently taken timely, sufficient steps to be certain the clubs will continue to work effectively, safely and with minimal disruption. Some indicate the scale of the club scene is diminishing now and a go into smaller, more private areas will lead to a calmer party spectacle, more suited to the remaining of the island.

{Look farther than the attractions targeted at the twenty-somethings, Ibiza presents a very different side, an island with hundreds of amazing shores, small exclusive hotels plus fashionable villa rental opportunities.

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