New Palin Reality Series a Big Satellite TV Gamble

It can be hard for politicians to open up their lives to the media circus that comes with running for office. Many find some of their deepest, darkest secrets exposed to not only their friends and families, but the entire world, and the results can be not only politically, but personally disastrous. In an attempt to sidestep the media circus that generally follows around prominent political figures, Sarah Palin has decided to simply throw herself right out of the frying pan and into the fire. With her daughter Bristol already appearing on Dancing with the Stars, Palin is ready to get the rest of the gang on the small screen, and the crew will be debuting soon on satellite TV in the reality program Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

While Sarah Palin herself seems to think the program will clear up some misconceptions about her and her family, such as her eldest daughter’s character or controversial child bore out of wedlock, her husband has his doubts. According to Todd Palin, the people of America will generally feel how they want to feel about the Palin family. The show is simply a way to “showcase Alaska” and let the public see how the Palin family really lives its day to day life
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To see what the Palin family is up to for yourself, just start turning into TLC to catch new episodes. When not busy heading up the politically polarizing Tea Party, it would seem Sarah Palin spends her time just like any other Alaskan mother, raising children, watching bears, kayaking, and fishing. With just eight episodes, the program is likely to peak the curiosity of many, and may just receive those high, satellite TV ratings that any new reality program covets. Whether she is in office or not, Palin is taking this opportunity to make her voice heard, and legitimize her controversial and strong opinions with the American public, by the reins.

For those who want to put down the HD TV remote for a while, there is also plenty of Palin literature to catch up on. Her 2009 best-selling book “Going Rouge” has already been read my millions, and her soon to be released title “America by Heart” will likely see sales increase as released with her reality program. In a ‘book to movie just in time for Christmas’ marketing scheme, it looks like the Sarah Palin media circus should be wrapping up just in time for the 2012 presidential elections where many speculate Palin will want to be a candidate. Perhaps with Palin in office, the world could finally see how the first family lives with an hour of coverage on TLC every week, dramatizing the ins and outs of family life as played against the struggles of running a country. For now, it’s safe to say that any politician willing to invite cameras into their home, even if the end footage is very carefully edited before airing, is taking a big risk. Generally, big bets come with big wins or big losses. Only time will tell which way the chips fall for Palin and family.

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