Real Estate Developers Smell Gold in Infrastructure Segment

As the primary phase of market consolidation continues, the real estate developers of India, who’ve come a ways in the sector, are currently eying opportunities in the infrastructure industry.

And why not? As per recent reports of Assocham, physical infrastructure and services accounted for 81 percent of their total investments of Rs 4.19 lakh crore pumped in the economy in the first 3 quarters of their present fiscal year 2007-08.

Additionally, infrastructure was recognized as the single largest sector that’s bringing maximum foreign direct investments (FDI) in India. Industries of ship building, ports and airport development would be those that are attracting large scale investments.

Formerly, country’s biggest real estate developer DLF, next largest Unitech Group and Emaar MGF had bid for Rs 4,000 crore commercial development endeavor of Delhi International Airport, disperse in 250-acre.

The segment of public transportation is presenting such unprecedented chances that don’t just estate organizations however, many others find hard to resist. Just take the new New Delhi rail station tender. It’s probably first-of-its-kind tender for modernization of a railroad station through PPP model.Emirates Heights

And it’s not surprising that not only specialized infrastructure classes such as GMR, GVK and L&T come at the race but it has been Reliance that’s resisted its ambition to foray into the segment. To carry on with such critical endeavors, the firm has forged an alliance with Socit Nationale des Chemins de fer Francais (SNCF) with an enviable list of managing 30,000 km railway track in France.

Meanwhile, these motions aren’t only exciting for market players but also suggest that the traveling woes of aam admi are soon going to convert to some pleasing experience.